About our service

Our focus is connecting technology with consumers by delivering real financial benefit. With extensive experience in organising and sorting financial data our software algorithms instantly compare and identify better mortgage interest rates for existing mortgage borrowers with just a few pieces of information.

With hundreds of mortgage companies and thousands of mortgage products it is difficult to identify and track which products are suitable with a view to lowering monthly mortgage costs. This is where you have the SwitchRates.co.uk advantage. Our comparison tool searches the market and identifies the products that will lower mortgage costs.

The actual mortgage ‘Switch’ or ‘Product Transfer’ is then handled by a panel of Mortgage Adviser firms who are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

For product transfer and mortgage switches the FCA firms on our panel will NOT charge any fees – the service is completely FREE.

Why you should use us,

  • The service is completely free
  • All transactions handled by FCA regulated advisers
  • No complex requests for paperwork and extensive form filling
  • Instant savings on monthly mortgage costs

Some commons Q&A’s

Q.  My bank has contacted me directly offering  me a new product – can your service still bring me any benefit ?

A. Yes! a bank can can only offer products that is from their own bank – but no comparison on products that are available from other banks. Let us handle the transaction with independent and impartial advice.

Q.  My existing product has penalties – can you still help ?

A. Yes! Our advisers can usually process a product transfer, in some cases up to 90 days before a product is due to expire. You are able to secure a better rate quicker and start saving immediately.

Q.  I cannot find my bank on your search tool ?

A.  There are some banks that do not offer a product transfer/switch service, this may be due to a limitation of the banks technology. Use our contact form and our advisers will make a manual check or offer a more competitive remortgage.

Q.  Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ?

A.  Switch Rates comparison website is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and they do not offer advice – However ALL of our panel of mortgage advisers are regulated by the FCA and will offer a fully advised or non-advised (where the bank permits) service. Please also note that some loan products are not regulated by the FCA.

How We Work