How we work – Processing your product transfer

Are you paying too much interest on your mortgage ?

A high proportion of mortgage borrowers are paying TOO much interest on their mortgage – this scenario is usually created when an existing mortgage product reverts to a lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which is almost always higher. This fact is supported by a plethora of research and publications that are advising consumers to ACT QUICKER in securing lower rates earlier rather than paying a HIGHER SVR.

Heres an explainer video of how our site works

Switching or Transferring your mortgage is a process by which a new product is secured (with a lower rate of interest) from the same lender. If you move your mortgage away from your existing lender – that will become a Remortgage.

Use our smart online comparison tool to search for your lender and select a product that will lower your mortgage costs. Our search tool should highlight the potential savings – you can then submit an enquiry form and an adviser firm will be in touch to progress your enquiry.

An adviser firm will process your product transfer and offer advice over the phone and via email communications. They will also be wholly responsible for the transaction – you wont have to speak to anyone from the bank.

Our mortgage brokers will process your application on an advised or non-advised (where the bank permits) basis giving you complete choice.