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Santander Mortgage Switch - a comprehensive guide

If your Santander mortgage deal is coming to an end or you are paying Santander's SVR - you need to make an important decision on how you will keep your mortgage payments low.

If you are not looking to make any changes to your mortgage and want to simply obtain a better rate from Santander, you have come to the right place - we can help you switch your mortgage to a better rate with Santander .



Our switch guarantee for Santander mortgages ensures our advisers will never charge for switching your mortgage - its a FREE service.

Switching or Transferring your mortgage is NOT remortgaging (which involves moving to a different lender), with Switching you are staying with your existing lender - Santander, however switching over to a new Santander product.

"if you would like to make changes to your mortgage, read our excellent guide on remortgaging"

The difference between the Santander SVR and a 'new switch deal' product rate is significant, the consequence of not switching could mean an increase of hundreds of pounds on your monthly mortgage payments.

Here are the latest Rates from Santander

Santander Product Switch FAQ's

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