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Santander's current

SVR  - 3.35%

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Santander Mortgage Switch - a comprehensive guide

If your Santander mortgage deal is coming to an end or you are paying Santander's SVR - you need to make an important decision on how you will keep your mortgage payments low.

If you are not looking to make any changes to your mortgage and want to simply obtain a better rate from Santander, you have come to the right place - we can help you switch your mortgage to a better rate with Santander .



Our switch guarantee for Santander mortgages ensures our advisers will never charge for switching your mortgage - its a FREE service.

Switching or Transferring your mortgage is NOT remortgaging (which involves moving to a different lender), with Switching you are staying with your existing lender - Santander, however switching over to a new Santander product.

"if you would like to make changes to your mortgage, read our excellent guide on remortgaging"

The difference between the Santander SVR and a 'new switch deal' product rate is significant, the consequence of not switching could mean an increase of hundreds of pounds on your monthly mortgage payments.


What is an SVR ?

SVR stands for 'Standard Variable Rate'. After an initial deals ends (usually 2,3 or 5 years) you will almost always be paying a lenders higher SVR.


Send a free switch request enquiry


How much can I save ?

If you are on Santanders SVR (3.35%) and switched to a Santander switcher rate of 1.29% fixed for 2 years. You monthly savings would be £189 every month - thats an annual saving of £2268 !

(example based on a 60%LTV loan of £200,000, repayment mortgage over a 25 yr term)

Bad Credit ?

Reduced Income ?

Older applicant ?

We can still help you switch and get a better rate...

Here are the latest Switcher Rates from Santander

Santander do not currently publish their product switch rates - each account holder is offered an individual qualifying product based on their current account status.

Please send an enquiry to us and we will obtain eligible Santander product rates and process your subsequent switch.

Santander Product Switch FAQ's

We can still help you switch your mortgage product with Santander if your credit circumstances have changed. This could include things like,

  • Missed credit card payments
  • Overdrafts and banking arrears
  • Lated and missed personal loan payments
  • County Court Judgements (CCJ's)
  • Utility providers arrears
  • Mobile phone provider arrears
  • Low credit scores
  • Adverse credit file information


If you have changed jobs or roles which has meant a change in salary or a general change in employement such as change in industry - we can still help you switch. You may have also decided to go self employed and may not have a full years accounts.

Your income may have changed, reduced or you may currently be unemployed. We can still help you switch.

Some banks do offer product transfer or switch rates direct to customers. Unfortunately they can only tell about their products ! - which may not be the best rates on the market compared with other Banks. We compare rates from all banks and provide you with independent opinion.

Remortgaging is an option if you want to make changes to your mortgage. Our adviser firms will confirm with you the best options for you.

Please make an enquiry using our contact us form.

A FCA regulated adviser will call you to talk you through the process and complete a short form.

Once the form is completed the adviser will return some suitable products

They will then Switch your product directly with Santander

There are NO adviser or Brokerage fees for Remortgages and Product Switches with Switch Rates.

There are no Valuation fees involved with Switching your mortgage with Santander.

  • If you would like to contest a banks 'automated' valuation during the switching process a revaluation fee may be applicable.

Please look at the product fees section of the products available from Santander. They offer a range of products that do NOT have any arrangement or products fees.

There is no conveyancing or 'legals' during the Santander mortgage switching process. No fees are payable.

Switching a mortgage product with Santander usually takes a couple of days.

You can switch up to 90 days before your current Santander product expires. If you decide to switch during this time, Santander will waive any product penalties due.

You can still switch if you have an interest only mortgage.

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